Investment Profiler

This tool will help you identify the goals and issues that are important to you, including your investment time horizon and level of investing comfort. The answers you provide will determine your investor profile. There are five different investor profiles ranging from Very Conservative to Aggressive Growth.

Model Portfolio

Looking for investment ideas for your portfolio? The Model Portfolio tool is designed to provide you with sample portfolios targeted at varying investment objectives and needs, using PH&N Funds (or PH&N Funds and RBC Funds).

Portfolio Builder

The Portfolio Builder allows you to build your own investment portfolio of PH&N Funds and RBC Funds. The tool shows how your selections provide diversification across asset class, geography and for equities, industry sectors.

MER Advantage Calculator

The MER calculator is a helpful tool that demonstrates how "fees matter." Use this tool to see the potential cost savings of investing in a PH&N Fund or RBC Fund versus other Canadian mutual funds. It is important to note that you are only able to compare a PH&N Fund or RBC Fund to other funds in the same industry fund category. This is to ensure you are comparing funds with similar characteristics and mandates to one another.

If you need assistance using any of these tools please contact us at 1.800.661.6141.